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Biodiesel is a clean, renewable source with low emission of carbon particles. Biodiesel is an ester and, therefore, already has two atoms of oxygen in the molecule.

Chemical process controlled

Biodiesel has a low risk of explosion, which facilitates transport and storage. Produced with vegetable oils, obtained from sunflower, turnips, cotton, castor beans, soybeans, canola, Palm ...

Final product

Replaces the diesel engines without the need for adjustments, is a great lubricant and can increase the useful life of the engine. The heat produced per liter is almost equal to that of diesel.

About us

The common future as a major concern

The Bioport believes that the legacy we leave to future generations is your greatest liability. That's why we do everything in our power to defend our planet betting on solutions that respect the environment.

The future belongs to all of us. The responsibility is ours.


European Standard

In all the Bioport biodiesel (FAME) produced complies with the requirements of standard EN 14214 (in 2012) and A1 (from 2014).


In addition to a rigorous internal control throughout the production process, the final biodiesel is reviewed by an external, independent entity, duly accredited, which validates compliance with all points of the standard.


ISCC Certification

Since September of 2014 the Bioport is certified by the ISCC system-international Sustainability & Carbon Certification.


Renewable Energy

Biodiesel is a fuel made from renewable sources such as animal fats and, mainly, of vegetable oils. Created and developed to replace partially or totally the use of diesel from fossil

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